Jul 022009

Just weeks after the research & development labs at SNAPPS released PandaBear, we are introducing Flippr (Beta) for Lotus Quickr services for Domino.

Where PandaBear is aimed at end users for uploading, downloading and locating files from/to your Quickr server, Flippr is aimed at administrators. The application makes everyday Quickr admin tasks a breeze. Some of the functions that you can accomplish with Flippr are:

  • Lock and unlock places
  • Create and remove places
  • Archive places
  • Add persons and groups to places
  • Rename person and groups in places

Flippr is using a friendly interface including type ahead for selecting places, people and/or groups from the server or LDAP directory. It also features three intuitive screens.

  • On the Commands screen, you get tree-style navigation of the most common QPTool commands.
  • On the XML screen you create your own XML to upload to the server. For the advanced cases where you want to do send in many commands at the same time.
  • On the Settings screen, set up your connection to server(s), check for updated versions and check the latest release notes.

Designed on the Adobe Air framework, Flippr runs on Windows, Mac or Linux using the same application code. Just as PandaBear, Flippr features automatic check for newer version and will download and install it with a one click operation.

Flippr is free during beta, and is not time-locked or disabled in any way. Post-beta plans are still under consideration.

To download now with your QuickrTemplates.com ID (a new one takes just a minute), visit flippr.snapps.com

  3 Responses to “Introducing Flippr for Lotus Quickr”

  1. Hi Victor, I’ve been having some trouble getting my browser (Firefox on Ubuntu) to allow me to install this and PandaBear.
    Is there any chance of getting me the .air file so I can try installing from that?

    • Tim,
      I had no problems at all installing it on my Ubuntu 9.04 with Firefox. Installed Adobe Air first and then Flippr and/or PandaBear. But with that said, I’ll get it to you.

  2. Hi Viktor,
    I’ve the same problem as above. The installation of pandabear and flippr don’t work on ubuntu(64bit) in firefox.
    I could install Adobe air with the help from the Adobe air website fpr 64-bit linux operating systems manually.
    Other .air applications could be now installed from the downloaded packages
    But also after the manual installation, pandabear and flippr couldn’t installed.
    It would be kind to be able to download the .air files.

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