Jul 302007

I’m back from my trip to London, England and a weeks vacation in Sweden. It was a great event in London and I think the attendees got a lot out of the event. Don’t forget that there is one more Collaboration University in September, covering Notes and Domino 8.

It was great to visit with my family in Sweden. I stayed most of the time at my sister’s, but also a couple of nights at my brothers house. I’m coming back in September and my dad said if I didn’t stop running in and out like this he had to install saloon doors on the house.

It was however very nice to come back to my family here. Two weeks is way too long to be apart from your family. Beth, Jakob, Emma and Erik all waited at the airport and gave me lots of hugs and kisses.

Mar 212007

My daughter Emma is 3 years old today. I can’t believe that three years has gone by so fast. Emma is a strong willed little lady. My wife, Beth, and I love her so much. We had her birthday party down in Lake Ozark, MO this past weekend with all the grandparents and friends so this morning we only sang and had doughnuts. Some friends are coming over tonight. Her older brother, Jakob, is still down in Lake Ozark with his grandparents this week for spring break.