Feb 032010

I just uploaded a new update to PandaBear: 0.54 with some small bug fixes. The update will download automatically from within the application when you open it.

PandaBear (Beta) is the code name for a desktop application of the research & development labs at SNAPPS, the company that also brings you QuickrTemplates.com. Use PandaBear for uploading, downloading and locating files stored in Lotus Quickr 8.1+.

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  1. Hi Viktor,
    I have started using Pandabear. Great idea!

    A couple of suggestions:
    1) I should be able to see a page/library doc/discussion as a folder so I can drop a bunch of files into the “folder” easily. Currently I have to fool Pandabear by seeding a document with at least 2 attachments before it will show me the document as a document (rather than not showing it for 0 attachments, or showing just the attachment for 1 attachment present)
    2) It should be able to traverse down a discussion, so I can add files to a reply in a discussion. Currently I can only see the “starter” (top) document as a target for Pandabear.

    I am trying to use QUICKR as a team document repository and it is very hard, with or without Pandabear at the moment, as most documents in Quickr do not have the “drag and drop” target or the “files” section (yes probably a Quickr setup setting but I have to deal with things as they are not how I’d like them to be 😉

    Thanks again!

    I work for IBM too, but in servers/storage (STG)

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