Jul 032007

The eighth Lotus Quickr Template demo has been posted. This time it’s QIssues.

Similar in feel to QSurvey, the form creation process is very simple. A floating window lets you build questions for your issue form and submit them to build the form. There are a couple new types of questions not found in QSurvey, a member list and date control. Once the questions are built, you can move them around, define a layout (1, 2, 3 columns or a wizard) and – this is key – decide right at the form what kind of workflow to put submissions through. And of course, using the workflow engine we’ve bundled with several templates, you can define that workflow yourself.

You can see a demo of QIssues here.

  3 Responses to “Lotus Quickr Demo: QIssues”

  1. everyybody talks about the quickr templates , but where are this template.

    Download at IBM ?
    Buy at IBM ?
    or what

  2. The templates will be available in the next couple of days. Look for a posting here on my blog or at www.snapps.com

  3. Is it possible to add a new field type to the issue form? For example, I would like to have an attachment as part of an issue form. How do I do that?


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