Jun 192007

The fourth Lotus Quickr template demo is posted. This time it is QProject, which contains enhancements to the tasks and notifications in Lotus Quickr, introduces a concept of overall and cross-project status, and implements an enhanced AJAX Gantt chart for viewing tasks and their relationships to other tasks. Relationships? Yes, with QProject you can declare task predecessors and dependencies! One to one, one to many, however you like. The major features include the ability to set these dependencies, visualize them through the Gantt chart, receive consolidated overdue task notifications, and (my favorite) automatically push out dates when a predecessor is completed late. Not that this ever happens, but…

The 16.5-minute demo can be seen here: QProject demo


  6 Responses to “Lotus Quickr Demo: QProject”

  1. It’s possible import / export Qproject’s activities to MSProject


  2. Carlos,
    No, that is not part of the functionality in QProject.

  3. Ok… not now, but …. in the future…. is possible?….

    Thanks for Your time….

  4. Carlos,
    I don’t know about the future, but I do know that it would be really difficult. Microsoft’s products are not the easiest to work with.

  5. Hi Viktor,
    when write something in the Qmeeting agenda items, can select part of text and become in qactivities’s task?

    Appreciate your comments

  6. i mean if there a javascript or some function to do this…. and could integrate them

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