Jun 142007

Rob Novak has uploaded our third Lotus Quickr template. This time you’re introduced to QSurvey.

In my third demo, you’ll be introduced to QSurvey, a component that allows you to create surveys, lets users take them, and provides two methods of generating survey reports. I’m loving this one myself, because having been in the Lotus world for nearly 15 years now, surveys have been in demand and really hard to do. There have been and may still be some third party products for this. I’ve even built it myself, many years ago. There was much pain in the days when it was nearly impossible to assemble fields onto forms without being a trained developer, and have it look good on the web.

The implementation here in Lotus Quickr is fairly elegant, as we store all the survey questions as JSON, all the answers as JSON, and simply reassemble it all for the live reports. What I like about QSurvey is how easy it is to use…I can create a survey quickly with a question “wizard”, enable it, and let people take it for either a defined period of time or disable it myself. And of course, there are options for securing the survey, deciding who can see result reports, and choosing whether to allow anonymous access.

Click the link to check out the QSurvey Demo.

  5 Responses to “Lotus Quickr Demo: QSurvey”

  1. Looks nice, but why has one button thatexports the results to excel the name ‘Excel’ in the label and not ‘Spreadsheet’ ?

  2. […] in feel to QSurvey, the form creation process is very simple. A floating window lets you build questions for your […]

  3. Hi there,
    Tried the QSurvey. Its great. I have a question though. I did a survey for my employees, i wanted to know WHO has answered what. The ‘View Report’ provide you the % of persons replied. But we would like to know who has given which answer. How do we do that? Thanks in advance.

  4. I have downloaded the QPhoto application, signed the Placebots and setup a directory for the photos, when I attempt to view the photos I get this turn wheel icon that runs then stops. Any ideas why this happens? Thank you in advance.

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