Mar 172009

Today we are announcing 2009 Collaboration University. Just as last year our venue cities are Chicago and London in September.

From Rob Novak’s blog:

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be producing Collaboration University 2009 at the great venues we found last year in Chicago and London.

In Chicago we’ll once again be at the IBM Innovation Center, located on the Chicago River a few blocks from Michigan Avenue. It is a great place to have the size and type of conference we produce – last year we sold out, the venue size and food were terrific, and the location was central to a lot of Chicago activity. In London we return to IBM South Bank, just a few blocks from Waterloo station, Marriott County Hall, the London Eye, and accessible from all over central London. Our dates (both start on a Monday and run through Wednesday):

Chicago: September 14-16, 2009
London: September 21-23, 2009

We’ll open registration next month, and even though we sold out both venues last year we will not be raising the fees! In fact, for alumni we are continuing last year’s introduction of a discount per year of attendance so your fees may even go down. More details will be available when we open registration, or you can email or me directly for budget planning purposes.

So head over to the Collaboration University website and sign up! See you there!

Feb 102009

Watch D.O.G.S.

Yesterday for the third year in a row I was a Watch Dog at my sons elementary school.

If you never heard of this program I encourage you to check out their web site. Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) is an organization that was started by Jim Moore in response to the 1998 middle school shooting in Jonesboro, AR. It’s an initiative of the National Center for Fathering and the program goal is:

To help every school in America be positively influenced by the committed involvement of fathers and father figures in lives of their children and students.

As always the administration at my sons school was great. They had my schedule for the day waiting at the front desk when I arrived in the morning. The day was full of attending classes and helping students with various tasks. Everything from reading, spelling test and helping special needs students with getting paper that needed recycling. I also helped in the cafeteria during lunch hour.

I make sure that my Watch Dogs day is on the same day as my sons birthday. That way I know what day I’m suppose to be there and my son loves having his “pappa” there that day. They make sure you have at least part of your day in your child’s class room.

It is very fulfilling to take a day and do this every year. Everybody at the school are so appreciative to you all day. The students, teachers and other personnel at the school love you being there, and they tell you all day.

I encourage you to try this out. Talk to your kids school administration to influence them to add this program if they don’t already have it. I promise, it’s worth it.

Jan 282009

So I have had my two newest gadgets for a couple of months now and I wanted to write my review of them both.

BlackBerry Bold

I got my BlackBerry Bold in early December and I could not be happier. I LOVE the screen resolution on it and I can easy watch movies while I’m on a plane or going on a longer car ride (when I’m not driving of course). It has the same resolution as the iPhone but I think it is much sharper on the Bold.

The browser on the Bold is much improved over the 8700c I used to have. I can browse everywhere and actually see the page, zoom in and click links.

There are a lot of great software out there for the BlackBerry, and I have tried many of them. Some of my favorites include:

  • AT&T Navigator
    Wouldn’t leave home without it.
  • Audible
    I love listen to audio books.
  • Google Maps
    The GPS feature built in makes it really cool to watch the icon move while I’m walking around my house.
  • Facebook
    Great to catch up on peoples status.
  • BlackBerry Messenger
    We use this at SNAPPS all the time, especially at conferences abroad.
  • SlingPlayer Mobile
    It’s great to be able to watch my TV stations at home, included recorded shows.
  • TwitterBerry
    To set my Twitter status.
  • vlingo
    This is probably the coolest one of them all. I can call contacts, dial numbers, set my status on Twitter and Facebook, create tasks and email my contacts by just speaking to my BlackBerry. Try it out, it’s free.

I can’t say enough positive things about my Bold and the only negative would be it’s battery life. I never get more than 1.5-2 days out of it. It does not bother me much since I can charge it in my car, through AC/DC or through my computers USB port.

Macbook Pro

Where to start? I guess from the beginning. I started my professional career in computer graphics back in Sweden many years ago. That was obviously on a Mac. They still are the leader in the graphics, desktop publishing and movie department. After a few years I slowly moved towards Windows based PCs, mainly because of of HTML work but also because of Lotus Notes/Domino. It was just easier to code on a “PC” because everybody else was on one. I have owned many PCs over the years and loved most of them. Then a little over a year ago Rob Novak, got himself a Macbook Pro and I’ve been jealous ever since.

Right before Christmas, in the middle of coding for our Lotusphere sessions, Rob surprised me by taking me to the Apple store and getting me a Macbook Pro. My co-workers definitely know, by me constantly talking about it, I LOVE THIS MAC. It’s small and light, have a great battery time and is just beautiful. I can’t get this thing to slow down either. I usually have quite a few programs running; Lotus Notes with Sametime, Ecplipse with Aptana, Firefox, iTunes, Skype and VMware Fusion running a Windows XP guest that has both Domino Designer and a Domino Server running. They all just run without any delay or waiting. The few times I have turned the Mac completely off I can start all those programs at the same time without much more delay than waiting for them to start one at a time. Do I like it? Yes I do.

Jan 232009

This years version of our Lotusphere session: “The Great Code Giveaway”: The Art of the Possible, is now available for download at


This application needs to run on a Domino server version 7.0.2 or above. Some Widgets may need version 8.5 or above to run.

This application uses The Dojo Toolkit JavaScript library.
The following is only needed, but required, if you are installing this application on a version of Domino below 8.5.

  1. Download version 1.1.1 or above of Dojo
  2. Unzip the download
  3. Rename and place this directory on your Domino server in the following path:

This path is hard coded into the MyDomino form. If you want to change the path you can by modifying the HTML shown below in the MyDomino form:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/domjs/dojo-1.1.1/dojo/dojo.js"></script>

This application was tested on version installed with Domino 8.5 (1.1.1) and downloaded version 1.2.3

The application was tested on:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0.5 on Windows
  • Firefox 3.0.5 for Windows
  • Firefox 3.0.5 for Macintosh


  1. Change the ACL to match your current environment
  2. Make a non replica copy of the application on your Domino server
  3. Sign it with an appropriate administrators ID


Browse to the application and log in as a valid directory user. It should create a myDomino document automatically for the user.

The code is released under the Apache license. You may obtain a copy of the License at:

Have fun with it.

Nov 192008

I have been accepted to speak at Lotusphere again. Lotusphere 2009 will be held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida January 18-22. This year I have three sessions.

BP204 – Enhancing IBM Lotus Quickr for IBM Lotus Domino with Web 2.0 Integration

Troy Reimer, Viktor Krantz
These speakers were the driving engineering force behind the popular Lotus Quickr Templates that shipped with Quickr 8 and have been continually updated. As well, they have been working with Quickr and its predecessors since 2000, developing applications for the world’s largest Lotus Quickr customers. In this session, we’ll introduce you to some innovations that make Lotus Quickr even more valuable to your teams – integration with external sources, tagging, categories, and more. Learn the techniques and pre-packaged code libraries that make Lotus Quickr development easy and valuable to your organization.

BP215 -“The Great Code Giveaway”: The Art of the Possible

Rob Novak, Viktor Krantz
Once again, we’ve invested hundreds of hours into new examples and applications that will open your eyes to “The Art of the Possible” with Lotus software. In its eighth year at Lotusphere, The Great Code Giveaway provides you with a new perspective and new applications that you can use to enhance your IBM Lotus Domino investment. Come and watch while we unveil this year’s valuable – and free – applications and examples!

SHOW202 – Show ‘n Tell: Developing for Lotus Quickr Domino Services

Troy Reimer, Viktor Krantz
In this session, you’ll learn how to develop custom themes for Lotus Quickr, implement custom forms, and build an application that can actually be used in your organization. We’ve developed a template for you to follow along, learning the intricacies of Lotus Quickr development and the most efficient approaches to programming based on their experience with the platform. Take away new approaches, new methods, and a new appreciation for what you can accomplish with Lotus Quickr.

Sep 252008

After almost three weeks I finally got back home to my family last night and it was great to see my kids and wife again. Three weeks is a really long time to be away. But wow what a three weeks it was. First a very successful Collaboration University in Chicago and then repeated in London the week after. I had three sessions on Themes, Dojo & JSON and Tags & Categories inside Quickr. I got positive reactions on all of them but maybe mostly on the Tags & Categories session. More on that in a later posting.

After CU I flew over to Västerås, Sweden to visit my family over there. 5 days of visiting with my father and mother and siblings was just great. In only a few days I managed to eat both moose, Swedish craw fish and Swedish roe deer. All superbly prepared by my sister and sister-in-law. The chanterelle sauce that we had with the roe deer was unbelievable.

Monday evening I left Sweden and flew back to London where Carl Tyler picked my up at the airport and I got to spend a couple of nights with his parents outside London. Tuesday we went to Oxford where we walked around for a few hours looking at the old universities there. Very nice. Thank you Carl (and Carl’s parents) for a couple of wonderful days.

It is great to be out on these speaker engagements and visit friends you only see a few times a year but boy is it nice to back home with family again.

Sep 052008

Collaboration University 2008 - Chicago & London

So I’m off to Collaboration University after the last few weeks being very hectic. Wrapping up a few customer projects needed to be finished before it all starts and of course the CU slides and demo code as well. I’m out for almost 3 weeks straight this time, first Chicago and then off to London for the repeated event there.

The last few days I get to back to the old country (Sweden) and visit with my family there. I’m also visiting with a couple of old friends preparing for our football trip to New York in October-November. More on that later.

I have three sessions at CU this year:

  • Quickr Custom Themes: What a Difference a Version Makes!
  • Leveraging the Dojo Toolkit, JavaScript, and JSON in Quickr
  • Tags and Categories in Quickr: How to Add, Use and Present

I’m really looking forward to Collaboration University this year. Record attendance and great locations are going to make a great conference.

CU there.

Aug 212008

This year we are producing a few pre-conference session movies for Collaboration University to get you up to speed for the 3 days packed with intense training. From Rob Novak’s blog:

Our approach the past two years has been to quickly get the basics out of the way on the first day then progress rapidly into meatier stuff by afternoon. Even so, we’d get a few complaints from those who have more experience, because they already knew all the morning content. That worked “OK”, but this year with the delivery of these early sessions outside the confines of the three onsite days, we’ve found a great solution. Those who need and want the basics get them – and can attend all of these sessions on their own time – and those who don’t are not missing anything because we’re starting the conference at a higher level.

As an example, Carl Tyler put together this 5-minute segment of his pre-conference video on Installing and Configuring Eclipse for Sametime Plug-in Development. It is the prerequisite session for his live session on creating Sametime plug-ins (makes sense), and in the full session you can follow along and prepare your own machine to be ready to use those live materials. Enjoy!