Jul 282008

Julian Robichaux is joining SNAPPS

For the first time in 5 years SNAPPS have hired a new member to our team. I’m thrilled to announce that Julian Robichaux is joining SNAPPS as a Senior Developer (or whatever he wants his title to be). Julian, who you know from six years of blogging at nsftools.com, the Taking Notes Podcast, and various speaking engagements at Lotusphere, The VIEW, ILUG, and others, brings 12 years of Notes & Domino experience to SNAPPS. Julian has provided companies and clients with a number of “out of the box” solutions, knows all the relevant programming languages and toolkits, and has extensive experience with relational database integration.

He spent a couple of days here in Overland Park with the team last week to make sure we were a good fit and let me say, I know it will be. Julian and I have met just briefly before at various conferences but I have followed his blog and the TNP’s closely. He will continue to work from his office in Georgia but will come in to the office every so often. He will be joining us for Collaboration University in September and will continue to speak at various events, just under the SNAPPS name now.

So Julian, I’m very excited about working with you and I know that SNAPPS will benefit from your knowledge and expertise. Hey, we might have some fun too. :lol:

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  1. Thanks Viktor! I look forward to it. It was great spending time with you and everyone else last week. You’re a smart bunch of guys.

    And yes, it will be fun.

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