Aug 212008

This year we are producing a few pre-conference session movies for Collaboration University to get you up to speed for the 3 days packed with intense training. From Rob Novak’s blog:

Our approach the past two years has been to quickly get the basics out of the way on the first day then progress rapidly into meatier stuff by afternoon. Even so, we’d get a few complaints from those who have more experience, because they already knew all the morning content. That worked “OK”, but this year with the delivery of these early sessions outside the confines of the three onsite days, we’ve found a great solution. Those who need and want the basics get them – and can attend all of these sessions on their own time – and those who don’t are not missing anything because we’re starting the conference at a higher level.

As an example, Carl Tyler put together this 5-minute segment of his pre-conference video on Installing and Configuring Eclipse for Sametime Plug-in Development. It is the prerequisite session for his live session on creating Sametime plug-ins (makes sense), and in the full session you can follow along and prepare your own machine to be ready to use those live materials. Enjoy!

Aug 152008

From Rob Novak’s blog:

The SNAPPS Quickr Templates at have been updated with various fixes and a new feature I’ll describe here. But first, a note on versions.

We elected to match version numbers with Quickr when 8.1 shipped, so 90 days ago when they were posted, our versions revved to 8.1. Now we also have fixes to the templates unrelated to the Quickr version number or hotfix level, so have taken our versioning out two decimal points – the new version is If we have another release before IBM revs to 8.1.1 (or whatever’s next), our version will be Clear? Good.


Aug 132008

We have updated the agenda and speaker pages for Collaboration University, both in Chicago and London. It’s all done in a very “Web 2.0” fashion by combining Domino, JavaScript, JSON and the Dojo Toolkit. Dynamic link, using Dojo Tooltip, to the speaker with photo.

CU Agenda - with Carl Tyler

Go over to Collaboration University and click on Sessions and Speakers pages and roll over things, change days, play around – it’s a very cool data-driven Domino application.