Jul 172007

It’s been nearly four months since IBM said “go” on the Lotus Quickr template project that you’ve read so much about on my and other blogs. Today, after an exhausting but very rewarding development cycle, we get to say “go” too. Code was complete June 29 (as promised to IBM), testing on Lotus Quickr Gold code was July 2-6, last week was CU and finishing the download system, and this weekend we put the final touches on and did a limited test with IBMers. Then yesterday we knocked out one last bug in the download system after flying to London for Collaboration University this week.

In these last months I and the team at SNAPPS had a lot of fun developing these templates. I learned new code and got to dig really deep into the Dojo Toolkit which, you know by now, I really like.

So after all that we’re happy to announce that the SNAPPS templates for Lotus Quickr are ready for you. Make absolutely sure you get the documentation, read it, and install and sign the prerequisite files. Then go have some fun!

I will continue posting on developing and digging deeper into both Lotus Quickr as well as the Dojo Toolkit code.


May 072007

Rob Novak and I have started a series of demos and tutorials about the upcoming Lotus Quickr templates that we are developing for IBM. Mine are geared to the developer who wants to understand the details of a particular concept, possibly to reuse it or modify it, while Rob’s will be more designed for you to understand what they are and how users will benefit. The “tag team” approach should give you a great education on what is possible with Lotus Quickr. Eventually we’ll have a library of demos and put them all in one list.

The first demo today is for QPhotos. Enjoy and please ask questions below in the comments area.