Sep 252008

After almost three weeks I finally got back home to my family last night and it was great to see my kids and wife again. Three weeks is a really long time to be away. But wow what a three weeks it was. First a very successful Collaboration University in Chicago and then repeated in London the week after. I had three sessions on Themes, Dojo & JSON and Tags & Categories inside Quickr. I got positive reactions on all of them but maybe mostly on the Tags & Categories session. More on that in a later posting.

After CU I flew over to Västerås, Sweden to visit my family over there. 5 days of visiting with my father and mother and siblings was just great. In only a few days I managed to eat both moose, Swedish craw fish and Swedish roe deer. All superbly prepared by my sister and sister-in-law. The chanterelle sauce that we had with the roe deer was unbelievable.

Monday evening I left Sweden and flew back to London where Carl Tyler picked my up at the airport and I got to spend a couple of nights with his parents outside London. Tuesday we went to Oxford where we walked around for a few hours looking at the old universities there. Very nice. Thank you Carl (and Carl’s parents) for a couple of wonderful days.

It is great to be out on these speaker engagements and visit friends you only see a few times a year but boy is it nice to back home with family again.

  3 Responses to “Back from CU and Europe”

  1. Viktor, could we get an ETA on when you will be posting the code & instructions for displaying collapsable/categorized views (that was demonstrated at CU in Chicago)? My customers were hoping we’d have it by now 🙂 .

  2. Eric,
    That code is available in almost all the Quickr templates. There is a form that is called “View Form.htm” that contains that code.

  3. In my notes I have there was going to be a release of a “package” that would contain templates and instructions on how to implement the placebot(s) and form(s) needed to add the “enhanced” folder ability (and checkboxed keywords / categories) to any place?

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