Nov 162007

I have had the privilege to speak at every Lotusphere since 2002. In 2001 my first son, Jakob, was about to be born and my wife did not want me to travel that close to his birth. I have actually never attended Lotusphere as anything other than a speaker. This year I have three sessions accepted by the Content Team.


Session: Building Custom Themes for IBM Lotus Quickr
Track: Hands-on Sessions
Abstract: The elements of a good user interface are just the beginning when it comes to Lotus Quickr — with this platform, you expose functionality, user context and security in the “look and feel.” Custom themes give you much more. In this first-ever hands-on session you’ll explore the inner workings of themes, building one from scratch (with a little help). Your instructors wrote the book on themes, and have developed more than 100 in the past 8 years for companies worldwide, from simple corporate looks to highly complex, feature-packed themes. You’ll learn the custom tags, tips and tricks on Lotus Quickr CSS, and how to use themes to improve Lotus Quickr performance. You’ll also get some brand new themes you can take home to study … and even deploy!The corresponding breakout session for this hands-on is “AD502 Customizing IBM Lotus Quickr Themes and Skins”.Please refer to the Pocket Agenda for date, time and location information.
Speakers: Viktor Krantz
Troy Reimer

This is the first time that I am presenting at a hands-on session and it will be fun. You will learn a lot about theme developing here.


Session: Extending and Customizing Templates for IBM Lotus Quickr: Straight from the Developers
Track: Track Four: Best Practices
Abstract: The IBM Lotus Quickr 8 release was quickly followed by a suite of eleven free, open templates, now used by thousands of companies worldwide. Each template has a specific business purpose and design, but they share common elements and reusable techniques and components. In this session, the developers of the templates will dig into the code, expose and explain some of the most valuable components, and teach you to assemble Lotus Quickr applications using a modular, extensible approach. By learning techniques for adding comment capabilities, custom workflow, tagging, and more, you’ll come away with the skills and tools necessary to build your own Lotus Quickr application. Plus, you’ll also receive a new template designed exclusively for Lotusphere 2008!
Speakers: Viktor Krantz
Troy Reimer

This will be a really fun session. You will learn how to extend and combine some of the 11 free templates we at SNAPPS have created for Lotus Quickr 8.


Session: The Great Code Giveaway: “Beyond Cool”
Track: Track Four: Best Practices
Abstract: All new development techniques are brewing in the labs at SNAPPS, an IBM Business Partner with a penchant for giving expensive code away while providing a great education. It’s always very cool, and incredibly useful — the code is used by businesses, governments, partners, customers, and celebrities to improve applications and techniques. This year the SNAPPS labs have produced some of the most impressive IBM Lotus Domino-centric techniques in four areas: visual effects, data access and processing, mashups, and cross-product integration. Sounds like a lot, and it is! We’ve logged more than 500 hours bringing you these demos, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience “Beyond Cool” and take home incredible examples and full-blown applications!
Speakers: Rob Novak
Viktor Krantz

This is the session I look forward to all year long. Rob Novak and I spend a lot of time on this one. Over 500 hours last year and it will not be less this year. We have delivered it several years in a row now, always with new content, free useful code to take home and sometimes a little cool.

I hope to see you at Lotusphere 2008 in January.

  4 Responses to “My sessions at Lotusphere 2008”

  1. Hej Viktor

    great session content. Unluckily I can not attend Lotusphere.

    Do you know where I can find more information regarding “Extending and Customizing Templates for IBM Lotus Quickr” somewhere online?

  2. Patrick,
    That would be and Rob’s and my blogs.

  3. […] I already found one session I want to attend: BP212 The Great Code Giveaway: “Beyond Cool” […]

  4. Hej viktor!!

    Great blog/site… i’ve just started to look in to Lotus Quickr.. do you know any soft-copies of tutorials for “designing”/creating templates for lotus quickr?

    i cant find any good information regarding this. Just very basic..
    tack på förhand 😛

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