Nov 052007

The Dojo Toolkit 1.0 was released this morning. Many of us, including me, has waited patiently for this release. Now I can finalize the updated code for Dojo Calendar.

There are many new, improved and awesome features.

New and Awesome:

  • The Grid. This is the feature everyone’s been waiting for, and now it’s here! With support for virtual scrolling to accommodate huge data sets efficiently, built-in sorting and column resize to help you find what you’re looking for, complex formatting, and fixed rows and column headers, the new Grid lets you slice-and-dice your data as never
    before. The 1.0 grid features a Tundra theme, editing and write-back examples, support for custom cell editors (including the full set of accessible and localized Dijit editing components), and markup-driven instantiation.
  • Charting returns! The new dojox.charting supports automatic axis calculations, widget-driven instantiation, multiple chart types, data sources, and theming. Good-looking, data-oriented default themes help make your data understandable and easy on the eyes at the same time. And since dojox.charting is based on dojox.gfx, the general-purpose 2D drawing layer in Dojo, charting will only get more powerful, responsive, and good looking over time.
  • a11y and i18n: rich experiences for everyone. All Dijit 1.0 widgets feature keyboard navigation, right-to-left text detection and layout, and solid localizations for 12 languages. No matter where in the world you are, Dijit has you covered. Dijit goes even further by providing ARIA role and state hinting to give users of assistive technologies the experience that developers intend.
  • Universal data access. and the growing list of data store implementations makes building and using data-driven widgets simpler and faster.
  • dojox.gfx3d. Beautiful, portable 2D drawing is what dojox.gfx has always been about, and we’re taking it further with the ability to draw 3D scenes. 3D charting is based on gfx3d. This module was developed as a Summer of Code project by Kun Xi.
  • improved widget look-and-feel. The base Tundra theme continues to be improved. New and exciting extension (dojox) widgets are appearing in 1.0, including a new Lightbox widget.
  • Django templating for widgets. Many people have fallen in love with Django’s templating syntax and now you can now use it to build widgets thanks to Neil Roberts’ excellent dojox.dtl package.
  • improved stability, speed, and compatibility across the board.


  • Dijit form widgets obey width in a way that makes visual sense
  • reworked validation indicators for form elements
  • lightbox widget
  • the widget lifecycle has been improved such that create() is now called from postfix(), allowing your constructor code to “get in on the ground floor”
  • the new Drupal front-end for the Neil’s documentation parser is now checked into the util namespace. This version provides disambiguated summaries and detail pages of the parsed object hierarchy, and since these pages are in Drupal, comments can be left by anyone.
  • better command-line functioning of the unit test system
  • an improved Firebug Lite which allows inspection of errors, popup-window placement, and parent-child cross frame logging.
  • smoother animations
  • build system now handles UTF-8 correctly end-to-end
  • improved documentation and unit test coverage for all Core and Dijit APIs/widgets

Congratulations to the Dojo team for this milestone. I know it’s been a lot of hard work.

  8 Responses to “Dojo 1.0 released today”

  1. okej, let’s go!

    let’s hope IBM/Bloggers will come up with some refined manuals / tutorials so everyone can make a big leap with Dojo

  2. Are you working on a DojoGrid vs. NotesView example for the less gifted of us to copy?
    🙂 stw

  3. Yes,
    i also want to start with Dojo, but all blogs are based on Dojo 0.4. I ported some demos to Dojo 1.0, but i didn’t understand the magic from the Dojo datastore and domino json.
    I am really looking for more info on using Dojo 1.0.

  4. I’m working on getting my Dojo Calendar to work with Dojo 1.0.
    I should have it done in the next week or two.

    I’m working on a lot of Dojo examples for Lotusphere.

    You are not alone. Documentation is getting better and more people are blogging about their code. I’ll do what I can here on my blog.


    finally there’s new hope to see the calendar in work under > 0.43

    thx! and greets

  6. Hello Viktor

    I wonder did you finish your calendar upgrate to dojo 1.0 ?
    I hope to use you calendar with dojo 1.0 continuously.
    ( I used your calendar based on dojo 0.4 )


  7. Hi Viktor,

    We are very interested in your calendar, and wonder when you can have your calendar widget upgraded to 1.x? Would you update your status?

    Best Regards,

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