Apr 272007

Rob Novak announced the keynote speakers for Collaboration University, and the list is very impressive.

Mike Rhodin
General Manager
Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software
IBM Software Group

Mike will deliver the keynote address at Collaboration University on July 9 in Kansas City.

Ken Bisconti
Vice President, Lotus Software Products
IBM Software Group

Ken will deliver keynote addresses at Collaboration University in London on both July 18 and September 19.

Ed Brill
Business Unit Executive
Worldwide Lotus Notes/Domino Sales
IBM Software Group

Ed will deliver the keynote address at Collaboration University on September 10 in Kansas City.

These keynotes, together with some of the best experts assembled exclusively for each event will make Collaboration University 2007 your gateway to the most in-depth, advanced, highly focused, and complete coverage of IBM, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, and Lotus QuickPlace.

If you are like me and want to see stuff now, there is a new version of Sametime 7.5.1 and a new demo of Lotus Quickr.

Register today

Apr 192007

This weekend I’m going to visit my American cousin outside Jefferson City to hunt some wild turkey, this one, NOT this one. You might not now this, but I’m an avid hunter.

My normal hunting trips during a year are:

  • Wild Turkey in April. Kansas and Missouri.
  • Dove in September. Missouri, sometimes Kansas.
  • Pheasant in October. South Dakota.
  • Deer in November to January. Missouri and Kansas.

On top of these hunting trips I hunt small game and fish whenever I get a chance. That is not often since my family and work takes up most of my time. But this weekend, as I already mentioned, I’m taking some time off from coding Lotus Quickr templates and preparing for Collaboration University, to hunt some wild turkey.

Apr 122007

Ed Brill blogged today about the conference ratings from Lotusphere 2007. I’m really proud to say that Rob Novak’s and my session “BP311 — The Great Code Giveaway — Web 2.0 edition” was at the top of the list.

We here at SNAPPS put a lot of time and effort on our presentation material for the conferences that we speak at, and it’s fun to see that people appreciate it. If you haven’t already downloaded the pdf and the code samples from the session, go to SNAPPS download site and do it today. There are many other code samples there as well.

If you want to attend one of our sessions and see new code being developed as I write, head over to Collaboration University and sign up for one of the four events this summer and fall.

Apr 092007

Collaboration University just went live with their new website announcing new events this summer and fall. After much success with last years events in Kansas City and London, they are putting on 4 events this year. 2 events in Kansas City and 2 in London.

The events are:

Collaboration University™ for IBM Lotus Quickr™ and Lotus Sametime®

July 9-11: Kansas City, MO
July 18-20: London, England

Collaboration University™ for IBM Lotus Notes® and Domino® 8

September 10-12: Kansas City, MO
September 18-20: London, England

New Bonus for 2007

CU will this year, by requests from former CU Alumni, have optional 3rd day work-shops at all four events.

So new for Collaboration University 2007, we will be holding optional hands-on workshops on the final day of the conference. These 3-4 hour workshops will have you building systems, applications or learning more in-depth materials on a topic of your choice.

Head over to the CU website and register today for big Early Bird discounts.

Apr 032007

The last 4 years I have attended the Kansas City Royals opening day game. Yesterday was no different. I took some time off from creating Lotus Quickr templates and went to Kauffman stadium at around noon for some pre-game tailgating. It was a beautiful day in Kansas City with over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.6 C). REO Speedwagon sang the anthem and a B-2 bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base flew over the stadium. It was a great opening day and the fact that Royals beat Boston Redsox 7-1 made it even better.