Mar 282007

On IBM’s website you can now listen to a Podcast interview with Rob Novak, president and founder of SNAPPS. They also have a transcript of the Podcast. In the interview he is announcing new templates that will be available, free of charge, for Lotus Quickr. In the interview the marketing manager for Lotus QuickPlace and Lotus Quickr, Megan Moyer asks Rob what these business focused templates are all about.

Some of the examples are: Contact management, Company announcements, Image libraries and Collaborative presentation management. All in all SNAPPS will create 11 templates.

I’m going to post some more articles about these templates in the next few weeks. Why? How? I’m one of the lead developers on this project for SNAPPS. You want to help? Send lots of coffee to SNAPPS!

Mar 212007

My daughter Emma is 3 years old today. I can’t believe that three years has gone by so fast. Emma is a strong willed little lady. My wife, Beth, and I love her so much. We had her birthday party down in Lake Ozark, MO this past weekend with all the grandparents and friends so this morning we only sang and had doughnuts. Some friends are coming over tonight. Her older brother, Jakob, is still down in Lake Ozark with his grandparents this week for spring break.

Mar 212007

As many of you may know I work for a company called SNAPPS. We do a lot of work with Lotus QuickPlace and the new upcoming Lotus Quickr. We are a IBM design partner for the two products. Rob Novak, my boss, has done several really good blog postings about what Lotus Quickr is including a really good FAQ.

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting about Lotus Quickr, the incredibly cool connectors and Dojo that will be part of the product. Come back soon.

Mar 092007

Friday again and I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Our small group meet tonight and tomorrow I’m helping lay Cat5 cable at my church, Legacy Christian Church.

Today, my son Erik turns 12 weeks old. Erik is growing and is already close to 17 lbs (37 kg). Everybody in the Krantz family are doing just great, after a couple of weeks of stomach flu and what not. I don’t have a more recent picture of Erik on my laptop, so this one will due. Our home computer crashed a week ago but new motherboard, CPU and 320 Gb hard drive arrive from Newegg today. The picture is taken just moments after he was born on the 15th of December, 2006.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Mar 022007

As several bloggers have posted, there is a new way of getting data out of Domino views using JSON. This feature was planned for Domino 8 but “slipped” into the 7.0.2 release of Domino.

I wanted to know if it would be faster to parse the data with JSON out of a huge view, with over a 1000 documents, and print the result back to the browser. So I needed a way of telling how fast it really was. Thanks to a great plug-in for Firefox called Firebug I could do just that. Get Firebug now. Serious web developers can’t live without it.

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Mar 012007

UPDATE: (Nov. 19, 2009) This widget only works for Dojo 0.4x.

At times I have had the urge to update the code and add extra features, but I just don’t have the time right now.

About this tutorial

After using Dojo for some time and looking for a calendar widget I gave up and started coding one myself. I had several goals with this widget: Using any back-end database for the entries, time zone changes, localized (internationalization i18n) and being able to drag entries to other dates.

This tutorial gives you all the code and files to get this calendar up and running on your server.

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