Jun 062007

Today, June 6th, is the Swedish National Day. Since I was born and raised in Sweden and still have parents and siblings living there I have to say:

Happy National Day Sweden

  3 Responses to “Swedish National Day”

  1. Happy nationalday to you too Viktor!
    This day has become a national holiday in Sweden now as you might know and luckily the wheather is just great in Stockholm today, warm and sunny 🙂

  2. Niklas –
    Thank you or in Swedish; Tack så mycket.
    Yes I know it’s a national holiday now days. Long overdue.
    I talked to my family yesterday and they said that the nicer weather finally arrived.
    Here in KC it will be 89F (32C) today.

  3. As a non-Swede living in Sweden I am entitled to join the celebration which meant for me motorcykling (because of the nice weather) and grilling in the park with some friends.

    I just love these long sunny swedish sommardays!

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