Jun 052007

I’ve created some Google maps mashups to help our delegates of Collaboration University get around and become more familiar with the venues.

You can check out Kansas City and London here. If you have Google Earth you can also open these mashups inside there by clicking on the following links: Kansas City and London.

May 302007

At Rob Novak’s and my session, BP311 — The Great Code Giveaway — Web 2.0 edition, at Lotusphere 2007 we had this slide at the beginning of our session.

We were having a little fun with the just announced name change of Lotus QuickPlace to Lotus Quickr. So we changed our names to Robr and Viktr. Jonas Israelsson captured the slide with his camera. You can see all his photos from Lotusphere 2007 by clicking here.

Today I was at my registrar to update one of my other domains and I just happened to remember that slide and our “name changes”. I looked Viktr.com up and to my surprise it was available so I bought it right away. It is pointing to eKrantz.com but maybe I should start using it instead. What do you think?